Kickoff workshop

From left: Anonella Vitale (IFRC-SRU), Egil Reksten (EWB-N), Audrey Gaulard, Cristophe Machet and Nick Paget (Polyfoss Factory), Andrew Lamb and Bryn John (Field Ready). Also present were Marianne Sturmair and Helene Svendsen (EWB-N).

Consortium partners Engineers Without Borders Norway, Field Ready, IFRC Shelter Research Unit and Polyfloss Factory got together on 21-22 January 2020 to explore the problem of inadequately winterised shelters for displaced people, and to set out objectives and milestones for the Humanitarian Innovation Project.

The partners spent time to get to know each others capacities and motivations, and to jointly set out ambitions for the project that will run up until October 2021. Within this time the project will aiming to have set up and tested solutions for winterised shelters .

System map of underlying driver and consequences of inadequate refugee sheltering.

The project aims to demonstrate the value of a new, more cost-effective and environmentally sound approach by insulating shelters for refugees in Turkey to help them through the cold winter, and to investigate how this approach can contribute to livelihood opportunities for refugees.

The overall objectives of this collaborative project are:

  • To prove Polyfloss technology & resulting insulation products in the field.

  • To ensure tangible impact is made in the field towards reduction of plastic waste, increased economic activity among displaced people and ensuring their access to winterized shelters.

  • To develop an operation model for plastic recycling and shelter winterization that is replicable and scalable.

During this initial meeting we also had an opportunity to meet the project donor, from Innovation Norway’s Humanitarian Innovation Program.

From top left: Bryn John (Field Ready), Egil Reksten (EWB-N), Christophe Machet (Polyfloss Factory), Helene Svendsen (EWB-N), Andrew Lamb ( Field Ready), Nick Paget (Polyfloss Factory), Antonell Vitale (IFRC Shelter Research Unit), Marianne Nilsen (EWB-N), Audrey Gaulard (Polyfloss Factory).