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About us.

Waste for Warmth is a consortium humanitarian innovation project.


Consortium partners include Engineers Without Borders Norway, Field Ready, and The Polyfloss Factory. The consortium started in 2020 after receiving funding from Innovation Norway’s Humanitarian Innovation Programme.

Currently, Waste for Warmth operates a Research and Development hub in Gaziantep, Turkiye that focuses on recycled plastic insulation products suitable for the humanitarian and international development sectors.


Additionally, Waste for Warmth seeks partners interested in utilizing the Polyfloss technology for other product needs as the technology can support communities in utilizing their waste plastic by creating jobs and products needed in the local market.

The consortium partners 


The Polyfloss Factory leads on specification, design, engineering and production of Polyfloss machines and also designs products formatting the polyfloss material to be used as insulation for shelters.


Engineers without Borders Norway are project leads and coordinates participation of volunteer engineer’s and their engineering partner network’s resources.


Sahaya Hazir contributes with expertise on local manufacturing in disaster affected areas.

who are we

Our story

 November |  2022

Exhibition at AidEx Expo 2022

October |  2022

Polyfloss machine is sent to Kathmandu, Nepal.

 September  |  2022

Polyfloss machine is sent to Pokhara, Nepal.

January  |  2022

Waste for Warmth enters Innovation Norway’s Scaling and Diffusion stage.

 December  |  2021

First pilot is conducted in

North-West Syria.

November  |  2021

 Polyfloss machine is sent to Gaziantep, Turkiye.

 June  |  2021

developpement of machine engineering

January |  2021

product development and

testing in Oslo

 September  |  2020

identification of location

for field test

July |  2020

Increasing machine output

(from 1kg/h to 7kg/h)

focus on machine engineering 

 October  |  2019

Waste for Warmth receives funding from Innovation Norway’s Humanitarian Innovation program.

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